WENKA Karl Wenger SA - Courgenay

We are specialized in precision bar turning.

Manufacturing programme


  • Precision screw machine parts for industry : precision screws, test pins, cams, writing instruments, screws and precision pinions.
  • Precision screw of machine parts for electronics : co-axial connectors, fibre optic connectors, inductive sensors.
  • Reworking screw machine parts.




  • Working of special materials : titanium, sytacoen, stainless steel, monel metal, beryllium copper.
  • Special adaptations, advice and customer assistance
  • Diamond cutting


Machining capacities / Special equipments


  • Precision screw machine parts for diameter up to 16 mm.
  • Multiple TORNOS cam controlled machines : 10x Tornos M7, 9x Tornos R10 (variocam).
  • TORNOS CNC machines with up to 12 axes: 5x ENC 74, 1x ENC 75, 1x ENC 162, 1x ENC 164 and 6x DECO 2000-10 and 3x DECO 2000-13/16, 1x Gildemeister Speed 12/7.